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Top, skirt: Reveal Boutique c/o | Necklace: Accessory Jane | Shoes: Tory Burch (old) | Bracelets: Lucky Sage Shop c/o | Purse: Chanel | Book: Anthropologie | Phone case: Kate Spade (similar)
This was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done. I got to show off what it’s like to be a blogger. As a blogger, I’m always looking for the latest fashion trends, inspiration and ideas (that’s where the book comes into play) and I’m always either on my phone scrolling through my Instagram feed or answering emails. Oh, and not to mention… let me take a selfie! I’m always taking selfies to show off the newest pieces I’ve received or just because I live in Miami and we’re the top selfie city… that’s not a surprise. I absolutely love this tee because it has the word blog in it, so what could be better for a devoted blogger? I hope you guys like this post as much as I do! It was really hard to stand still for the photos because my mom was playing the song “Happy” and all I wanted to do was dance! Being a blogger is absolutely amazing but it’s also filled with lots of emails, research and, of course, selfies! By the way, how absolutely stunning is this necklace?!
Lauren Ashley
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