The 6 Best Jeans for Fall

Happy Friday… finally! Today I decided to do a little bit of a different post and show you 6 pairs of jeans that you need for fall. I will shamelessly admit that I own way too many pairs of jeans. But these six have been my favorites throughout, have worn well through so many washes and continue to be my staple wardrobe pieces! While jeans can be a bit pricey (minus the first pair, which is under $80!), I find them to be a great investment. I am always wearing jeans so I know that I want my jeans to wear well. Keep reading/scrolling/clicking to see why these are the 6 best jeans for fall!

cold-weather-wear-express-2See full post here

These are the jeans that are only $80! Are you kidding me?! They are so comfortable, so flattering and I love that they are high-waisted. I actually don’t own any high-waisted denim jeans. The only ones I have are black so I was really excited for these. They’re perfect for fall with a cropped sweater or structured blazer. They are seriously so comfortable. I’m wearing an 8P (I went up a size but it was perfect… I’m a 27 in jeans and did petite because I’m 5’3!). jeans-for-fall-2See full post here

These are the last jeans in the slideshow above and I just have one word for them: amazing. Paige Denim never seems to fail me. My dad jokingly said the other day that he tried on Paige for men and thought they were too stretchy. Well… that’s the point. This girl’s gotta eat so I need that stretch. Haha! I love the dark wash and how slimming they are. pink-knit-sweater-4See full post here 

These babies are #3 in the slideshow and my most recently purchased jeans. I wear them at least 3 times a week (at least…). They are so comfortable, so flattering and just perfect all around. They look great with every fall top, accessory and bootie. I can’t wait to wear them all through fall and winter. jeans-for-fallSee full post here 

These are my go-to jeans for nighttime. They’re comfortable, have just enough rips and are a great fit. I’ve had them for about a year now and they still look the same as the day I purchased them. That’s why I really love to invest in jeans. You want jeans that last you through many seasons. If you’re looking for the perfect black ripped pair of jeans for fall, these are it! They’re also on sale.

And here are some of my favorite things for fall to wear with these jeans…

Have a great weekend! xo

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Lexi

    I can’t stop buying jeans! Especially in the fall, there are just way too many cute options available. Gimme all of the rips!

  2. January Hart

    What a great denim roundup! Love it! I’ve had such great luck with Express denim the past couple of years. Next to my AG’s they have become my go-to denim!


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