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Casual outfit for fall in NYC Casual outfit for fall in NYCHappy Wednesday! Since I spent this past weekend in NYC, I wanted to share a few of the fun things I did (ate) and where you can go for fall.

West Village: this is where you’re going to see ALL of the beautiful brownstones with the pumpkins! It was like walking through the scene of a movie here. I fell in love instantly. If only I could afford a West Village brownstone, right? #keepdreaming.

Macondo West: we went here on Sunday and it was SO good! I had the chicken chilaquiles and so did Kayleigh. There were so many delicious options, though! It’s walking distance from the brownstones and they have bottomless drinks on Sunday.

Poco Restaurant: okay… if you want to taste the BEST lobster Mac ‘n Cheese, ever… go here. It was so so good. I’m still dreaming about it and really want to go back in a few weeks!

Lou and Grey: Lou and Grey opened their first store in New York City recently and I stopped by. I got a plaid top and the most comfortable leggings ever. They also offer free shipping if you’re not in the NYC area! All of their stuff is extremely comfortable but practical as well.

Hotel Chantelle: we went here for brunch on Saturday after apartment searching and it was delicious! I had eggs benedict (original, I know) and this amazing drink that they serve there with raspberry. Make sure to sit at the rooftop for brunch – it’s a covered terrace so you won’t be cold!

So… as you can tell, we did a lot of eating. But I did have some fun meetings on Friday and got to visit the GiGi NY holiday shop, too. I’ll be going back in a few weeks so if you have any suggestions, let me know! You can get all of my outfit details below. 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by! xo

Fall in NYC

Lauren Ashley
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    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      It was so much fun! Have you never gone? And yes… you do. They are so comfortable! I walked around ALL day in them (from noon to night!) and no blisters… seriously worth every penny!

      1. Mary

        I have been but I was 17 and with my mom.. so I definitely need a redo haha! Especially now that I’m a blogger! It’s every bloggers dream!

  1. Stephanie // A SPARKLE FACTOR

    Love those loafers!! OMG, Poco is like RIGHT next to my old apartment on 3rd between A/B. We used to go there all the time… #bottomlessmimosas. They have the BEST truffle croquettes. And yes to the mac!!! YUM. Miss it now.
    Love you girl!

  2. Ellie

    I am loving your blog!! I have just recently decided to start a course in writing too! Im from Australia and I LUURRVE New York and I wish I could afford to take a trip so badly ☺ I would love to see more pics of the squishy New York apartments your looking at ? Ive always pictured NY to smell like car fumes and see lots of fur coats – which even though I think they are absolutely gorgeous, I am also a huge animal lover and wish they didnt have to be real animal fur ? – BUT STILL; Ive only just stumbled onto your blog TODAY, and from what I am reading, ill be staying for the long run ? Thanks! Happy blogginnggg xx


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