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tips1With my road trip approaching, I thought it would be fun to switch it up a bit and do a post on some travel tips that I’ve found really useful every time I travel (whether via plane or car!). packing-list-travelI always make a list of what I need to pack before I even get started. I like to start off with the outfits and then build everything else around that (jewelry/handbags/accessories). As I go through the list, I check off what I’ve already packed and that makes it easier to see what else I have left to pack!
jewelry-tipsTravel Case | Jewelry from left to right: colorful bib, charm necklace, colorful beaded bracelets, TFD Set, Rings, Statement Bib, Havana Necklace, Bracelet Set, Rose Quartz Long Necklace, Rope Statement Necklace

Jewelry is a huge part of my packing process. As you know, I absolutely love to accessorize. This Kendra Scott travel bag is the best for carrying all of your jewelry. It has an ample amount of space, is pretty, and can even fit in your carry-on (I don’t like to pack my jewelry in my larger luggage…I feel it’s always safer to have it with me!). I like to pack an assortment of jewelry – from long necklaces, to dainty nameplates, fun arm candy and simple rings. I make sure I have some classic pieces that will go with everything, and add some pops of color here and there. That’s my way of making sure I have a piece of jewelry for every outfit! You can store each individual piece in its only little bag (these are great for smaller pieces… for larger pieces, they usually come with their own bag).
baublebar-necklaceThis jewelry travel case is the best. You can also use it for makeup if you want to store your makeup there, instead! The inside doesn’t get damaged. 🙂 Also, I just got this bib this week and it will for SURE be making its way to Savannah and Charleston with me!  carry-on-weekender-bagI can’t even begin to tell you how perfect this carryall is. It fits SO much inside and is only $70, which is a great price for the amount of space it has inside. I love how it kind of looks like a doctor’s bag. It also has a removable cross body strap and a top closure. This is a great bag to carry all of your carry-ons, whether on a plane or in a car. I like to keep all of my essentials in here! My cosmetic case (love it and it’s on sale!!), my passport holder, planner, sunglasses, laptop (of course) and my favorite floppy hat! I don’t really go anywhere without this hat and it fits perfectly inside the big bag. You can also put snacks inside, some magazines, books, basically anything. This carryall also comes in two other prints… I just love it!  essentials-travelThis cosmetic case is currently on major sale and is great for traveling. It’s also super easy to wash because it’s nylon, so that’s a plus. You can purchase it hereweekender-bagAnother look at my favorite carryall! I love the navy stripes because they’re neutral and match with everything! sole-society-weekendercomfortable-shoes-sole-societyComfortable shoes are a must. Especially if you’ll be walking a lot! I absolutely love these sandals, which are on sale and come in a few colors, because they’re trendy, comfortable and won’t kill your feet after a day filled with walking. See some of my favorite walking shoes below! 

totesI love handbags. Big, small, medium-sized, any size… you name it. I switch out my handbags so frequently, and especially being that I do outfit posts, I like to switch it up every now and then! I think that when you’re traveling, having at least 4-5 handbags is essential. Why? Because each one fits different things and serves for different occasions! This large tote is great for everyday. It fits everything and is floppy and light. I absolutely love it and wear it everyday. It’s definitely worth the splurge. This fringe cross body is fun and trendy and can also be used during the day and at night. It adds a twist to your travel ensemble. Every girl needs a leopard clutch and this one is a favorite of mine because it can either fold over or be left long (which will provide more space for more stuff). Then there’s my new embossed python fold-over clutch, that also serves as a cross body or shoulder bag! What’s better than that for traveling?! And last is another great everyday tote, although much smaller than the first one, and it’s in a neutral color so it matches with everything! You’d be surprised how much it fits, though.
cluthessmaller-everyday-toteThis is the other everyday tote I was talking about! It looks small but actually fits a surprisingly large amount of stuff in it. The color is a perfect ‘khaki’ and goes with everything in your travel (or at home) wardrobe.
travel-tips-dogsJoey and Iggy really wanted to help me pack.  Joey sits by my bed at all times of the day, well, whenever I’m in my room. He is the sweetest old little pug! He just turned ten last week and I love him so much. Iggy is three and keeps Joey young. One thing I don’t like about traveling is leaving my pups! pugmiami-fashion-bloggerI’ll post what I’m wearing in the ‘shop the post’ section below! Comment letting me know what you think about this lifestyle post. I’m gearing towards doing more of them and hope you enjoy them! If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me post/talk about, write it in the comments below. Happy Thursday!

PS. BaubleBar is having 30% off sitewide with the code ‘RSJULY’ so make sure to take advantage of that! See some of my favorites below…

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Kaitlin @ Heaps of Me

    Great tips! I love your little RM bag. A crossbody is a must for me when traveling! I love my Chloé Marcie or I bring my LV speedy with a removable cross body strap that I purchased separately…best $ I ever spent!

  2. Jordyn

    Thanks for sharing your travel tips girl! I’m traveling this weekend too and I totally wish I had a large travel case for jewelry. I never bring enough accessories when I am traveling and I always look back at pictures and think “I would have looked better with some jewelry”!

  3. Annie

    Love these tips and that carry-on bag is simply perfect! I also love that striped cosmetic case. I cannot wait to see what outfits your pair that colorful bib with because it is amazing!

    Annie // Annie N Belle

  4. Maci

    First, you have the most amazing jewelry collection…. I’m drooling…. Second, this post is super cute and I think you should definitely do more of them! What do you use to add text to your photos? I’ve been looking for something like that for a while.
    XO, Maci

  5. Maci

    First, you have the most amazing jewelry collection…. I’m drooling…. Second, this post is super cute and I think you should definitely do more of them! What do you use to add text to your photos? I’ve been looking for something like that for a while.
    XO, Maci


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