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Happy weekend! I decided to do a fun post today with taudrey. Before I start, I want to say that this post isn’t sponsored. I decided to write this post because I am always wearing taudrey but have never really dedicated a full post to this Miami-based jewelry brand. If you have been following me for a while, then you know that I worked at taudrey for about a year and a half. As a blogger, we’re approached by a lot of brands, including jewelry brands, that want us to wear their pieces. But, biases set aside, taudrey is my favorite. Everything is handmade and you really can make the most sentimental pieces. I can’t wait to get my sister a taudrey plate with her son’s (Camden) name on it!karen-walker-sunglasses2Gold Autograph Plate: this is the staple taudrey piece. It’s one of the first pieces (actually, it is the first piece) I ever had. I got it about 5  years ago and then updated to a new one with a heart ending detail. You can layer it with everything! Now, it comes in a skinny plate. I have that one, too and have been wearing it on repeat.


taudrey-collartaudrey Collar: I was so excited when Tiffany came out with this! It’s so classic and has little silver details at the end of each side of the collar. I didn’t want my name stamped on this, so I just have a really small heart. This collar was my go-to for nights out in NYC. Here it’s layered with the autograph plate from above.


taudrey-jewelrygigi-new-york-carly-clutchTFD Set: I mean, come on. We knew this was going to be on here! Almost two years ago, Tiffany and I came up with the TFD Set. Right now, it’s one of the best sellers at taudrey. My set, created with taudrey, comes with three bracelets: one gold, one rose gold and one silver. You can mix and match them, personalize them with anything you’d like and even buy them separately. No matter what day it is, I am always wearing at least one bracelet from the set. I will never get sick of it!


taudrey-necklaceDouble the Fun Y-Chain Necklace: I love this necklace! I got it when it was first just two mini coins and now it comes in two variations. I also have the other variation (with one mini coin and one pearl). I love any kind of necklace that comes as a two-in-one. This is a unique take on a y-chain and I love it.


details-2Follow the Pearl Necklace: this is one of my latest (sort of) additions to my taudrey collection. I got it over the summer and LOVE it. I think it’s one of the pieces I wear the most now. It’s a y-chain necklace with a triangle and a pearl at the bottom. I have the triangle personalized with an “L” and everyone always gives me compliments.


ruffle-printed-romperPearl of Wisdom Necklace: another statement. I layer this pearl necklace with everything and wear it on its own, too. My mom also has it and wears it ALL of the time. It’s a great gift at a great price… either for yourself or for a loved one!


wine-shirt-under-50Persuede Choker: Tiffany actually convinced me that I needed this choker and I am SO happy she did. I am in love with it! It adds such an edgy touch to any outfit and can be adjusted properly to fit your neck. It comes in three colors but I especially love this dark brown color.


asos-off-the-shoulder-topWrapper’s Delight: Ah! Another one of my most recent additions and my absolute FAVORITE. I got this before leaving to NYC and wore it basically every night. I also wore it during the day with tees, dresses and basics. I love it so much. I also have it in black, now!


arm-candy9Jackie Kennedy Bracelet: I clearly love this necklace so much, I have two of them! They actually recently sold out and I was freaking out a bit because they’re great gifts and I want to get a third. I seriously LOVE this pearl bracelet so much.


necklaceSail South Necklace: another one of my favorites! I love the hint of turquoise and how dainty it is. I wear it with my Pearl of Wisdom necklace and absolutely love it. It looks best with solid colors so it can really pop!

Anyways, I hope this helped you if you’re ever shopping at taudrey! Now you know my favorites. 🙂 … some of them. xo!

Lauren Ashley
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