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free-people-swing-topPhotography: Ali Mac Photography

Happy Tuesday! You probably recognize this swing top from this post a while back. But since it now comes in some new great colors for spring, I thought I would style it a little differently! This swing top is definitely one of my favorites and has a sweet price of under $90. I don’t know about you, but I definitely find value in investing a little more in pieces that I know will last longer. I mean, this swing top has outlived some of my other blouses that I’ve had for a lot less time! It’s definitely worth the slightly higher price tag, don’t you think? What do you like to invest in?

I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately! I got pretty sick and lost my voice (if you saw on snapchat, then you know) and have been recuperating. I’m also drowning a little bit in school work, since next week I’ll be headed to Dallas for the RewardStyle Conference! I am so excited. This is my first year attending the conference and I can’t wait to really soak in all of the information that I’m going to learn and apply it to my little space on the web!

Before I go, I wanted to highlight these spring booties. I’ve had them for a few weeks now and have probably outworn them more than any other pair of booties that I own. I love that they’re essentially “booties” but are really perfect for jumping into the spring and summer seasons. They come in three colors and are perfect to match with your daily ensembles.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks so much for reading! xo


Lauren Ashley
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    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      Your photos are gorgeous! I know that when I shoot with my dad (which is most of the time), he shoots in a setting called “Faithful”. I would have to ask him some questions but if you have any, email me and I can ask him or Akamie (she is the one who took these pretty photos!) my email is thefashionistasdiary@gmail.com. 🙂

    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      That is something great to invest in! I love jewelry so much, too! And I love how jewelry can completely transform an outfit. xx!

  1. Jordyn

    I definitely think some pieces are worth investing in. I always invest in shoes because I can’t stand cheap and uncomfortable shoes. When it comes to clothing as investments I try to strike a balance, I buy a few more spendy tops/dresses and a few that help me save while still looking trendy!

    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      I completely agree! I think mixing high end and low end with clothes is key. I love investing in a good pair of jeans because they last forever. I’ve had some jeans for over 5 years! And shoes… YES! You know how I feel about my Chloe flats!!!

  2. Alex

    I LOVE that top!!! I really need to invest in some white pants. I love them and have never owned a pair. Crazy, rgith?!

  3. Ashley

    I’ve been eyeing this top for so long! I think I might have to pick it up in the new blush floral print. So obsessed! Also have these booties…they are literally the best!

    xo Ashley


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