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self-made-millennialsister-millennialsmillennial-postself-mademillennial-sistersA lot of you may not know that I have an older sister. Katy, my 25 year-old sister from the same mister is one of my closest friends and an inspiration. I knew when I took part in the self-made millennial campaign for Project NM, that I wanted her to be a part of it, too. Katy is the founder of a food blog, RandoMiami and has recently started up Foodie Tribe, which connects food bloggers nationwide with agencies and restaurants that may want to work with them! It’s a great idea. There are SO many ways to connect brands and publishers for fashion bloggers, but none for food bloggers. Katy saw that there was a hole and filled it with Foodie Tribe. Not to mention, if you follow her on Instagram, you might want to eat EVERYTHING she posts. There goes my diet…

Anyways… Project NM is launching this “Self-Made Millennial” tee soon and preorders are available on March 15th, which is just one week away. I absolutely love this tee and have been living in it ever since I got it two weeks ago. I love how soft it is but most importantly I love the message behind it. My sister and I grew up in a house where we had to work hard for whatever we wanted. My parents came from Cuba when they were young and worked extremely hard to get to where they are now. Nothing has ever been handed to us and I think that’s what has driven us to work so hard at no matter what we’re doing. Being a self-made millennial is something we’ve always believed in and have strived to be. So, not only is this tee ultra cozy, but it embodies who we are — self-made millennials. The tee will be launching HERE but you can also preorder on March 15 to make sure that you get your own!

To celebrate the launch of this amazing tee that my friend Nicole created (she’s the founder of Project NM!), I wanted to share with you what being a self-made millennial means to us.

What makes someone a self-made millennial?

Katy: To be a self-made millennial is someone who is constantly striving, determined and who will persevere against all odds. Someone who isn’t afraid to fail, and start from the beginning. And, most importantly, someone who is passionate about their cause – whether it’s striving to make the world a better place, or helping those who are living in it.

Lauren: Someone who is a self-made millennial is a person who works their butt off to achieve greatness. It’s someone who doesn’t take what’s handed to them because they know that the feeling of achieving it on their own will be so much more rewarding. Being a self-made millennial means you’re passionate, motivated and determined to get things done. Working those long hours is just fine because you know how much it will pay off in the future.

Why would you say you’re a self-made millennial?

Katy: I feel I’m a self-made millennial because I posses all of these traits. And even though sometimes it’s scary and overwhelming, as long as you surround yourself with positivity the only way is up.

Lauren: I feel I’m a self-made millennial because I never stop working. I always want more and everything that has been created on this blog is because I worked hard (while being a full-time student and working another job) to get TFD to where it is. It’s one thing to be a millennial, living in the digital age where all we do is look down at our phones and swipe on Bumble (I’m guilty for that one). But, it’s another thing to be self-made and to actually do something about your dreams and aspirations. I follow my dream every single day and work extremely hard to make it happen.

Make sure to follow Project NM on Instagram HERE for details on the launch. Also, follow Foodie Tribe on Insta and RandoMiami, too! What makes you a self-made millennial? I would love to know!


the-fashionistas-diaryA look at the campaign I did for this tee!

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Ashley

    This is so cool you got to do this with your sister! I’m excited for the time that my sister and I can do something like this! Self-made millennial is such a great term too.

  2. Tiffany Khyla

    I love both of your definitions of “Self-Made Millennial.” I love that this generation is full of go-getters who find innovative ways to solve problems. Like your sister, millennials see a need and find a way to fill it in a way that older generations may not have thought about. Like you, I grew up in a household where I was told that I would have to work for what I wanted, and that’s a lesson that I will never forget. I love hearing stories about people who follow their passions in creative ways, and I love everything that this campaign (and those shirts) represent.

  3. Morgan

    I will be ordering one of these! And I would have to vouch that you are definitely a self-made millennial and never stop working! You are consistent in your work ethic and it shows!

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  4. Ashley

    This is the COOLEST concept ever. I love these tees! I can totally attest to you being a Self Made Millennial! You work your butt off every day, girl! SO excited to see where life takes you!

    xo Ash

  5. MArly

    I love the meaning behind this campaign and learning more about your background. You are such a doll and an inspiration to for doing what you love and working hard for it. I will be checking out your sister’s blog, as I love food and even more if it showcases Miami’s best.


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