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As I get ready to move at the end of December/beginning of January, I’m slowly starting to collect home inspo so that I know exactly what I need to be shopping for. Since I’m moving into a smaller apartment, I want to go with all light neutrals to brighten the place up. Luckily, my roommate and I have both agreed that natural light is key. So there will be a lot of that in my future apartment (we are still hunting but narrowing it down!). I’ve always loved beiges, whites and light blush so the space is really going to feel airy and grown up.

Side table: I love this side table! I love anything that has marble and gold in it so this one is a no-brainer. I like that it’s small enough for an apartment yet isn’t tiny.

Simple white desk: I’m going to have to get rid of my desk here at home because it’s way too big for the apartment. I definitely still want to have a place where I can work and feel inspired so I’m opting for a smaller desk with less storage and I’ll have storage on shelves, instead (like this one).

Table lamp: I have had my eye on a lamp like this and it’s safe to say I’m in love with this one. It’s simple and chic but still will add a touch of glam to my bedroom.

Bookcase: I remember sending my mom this bookcase link a while back. I’m seriously obsessed with it. I’m hoping to fit it in my room. But, I don’t think I will be able to. So, instead, I would love to put it in the living room and store things we use on a daily basis, maybe some pretty books and a candle.

Floor mirror: I’ve heard that having a long floor mirror really opens up a space so I love this one for that purpose (and for #ootd selfies!). It’s a great height and the white and gold is a perfect addition.

Square tray: hopefully we’re able to fit an ottoman in the living room with our sofa. I could see this going on top of the ottoman with pretty coasters, a small recipe (or cocktail recipe) book and another candle. I really love candles! I put them on while I’m doing work or while I’m cleaning. There’s nothing like a great-smelling home.

Comfy throw: this is perfect while cuddling up on the couch watching movies, catching up on The Bachelor or just having girl talk.

Picture frame: pictures hold our greatest memories so I always love having picture frames in my bedroom. I could see a picture of me and baby Camden in this frame! 🙂

What are some of your favorite items for neutral home decor? I also wanted to point out THIS rack. I have to get rid of mine because it’s too wide so this one looks perfect. I might get it in the next few weeks so that I don’t have to buy everything at once.

I can’t wait to take you guys on this brand new journey with me and look forward to sharing the process with you all. Thanks for stopping by and happy Wednesday!

Lauren Ashley
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    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      Aw yay!! I think you do too ;). I was supposed to be in class yesterday but was doing this post instead because I got so excited! Have a great day! xx

  1. Jaime

    Oh I am SO excited for you!!! Def lots of playdates in NYC when I come up to visit!! Your picks are perfect! You will want to keep things as neutral and minimal as possible to keep your space looking clean and fresh! Love these picks of yours! xoxo


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