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I’m sure you’re wondering here I’ve been these past few months. Unfortunately, as much as I hate to say it, TFD has not been the same. With full-time school (6 classes killed me!), trying to find a job, trying to find an apartment in NYC all while becoming an aunt and trying to blog, I got a little lost in how to handle and manage everything all at once.

These past few weeks, I have felt so guilty and bad for being so out of posting both on Instagram and on the blog. While I know I have a good reason, it just hurts me to not be able to share and do what makes me the happiest and what makes me feel like I truly serve a purpose.

I started TFD almost 3 years ago to be able to inspire people through my daily outfits, stories and updates. So, this update is really meant to keep you in the loop with what’s going on in my personal life as well as inspire you to overcome any stress you might be feeling right now because of a lot of things on your plate.

I started work at IT Cosmetics last week. I love it! It’s very different for me, though, to have a 9-6 job Monday through Friday. For that reason, I’ve really been trying to focus on that and adjust to that. On Friday the 6th was my birthday, so I was spending time with my parents who were in town and with my friends. Back to work on Monday, you get my point. It’s not easy. I’ve never had a full-time “adult” job before. While I’ve worked a lot in the past, it’s been nothing like this where I leave just after sunrise and come home after the sun has already set. Coming home to no light is really aggravating because I know I can’t shoot content when it’s dark outside. And, to top it all off, I got a little sick this week because of the really cold weather that my body isn’t yet used to.

But, with that being said, I promise that I am working on a plan that will allow me to work on my content during the weekend so that I can come back to the blog on the weekday with fun, fresh, new and exciting content.

I don’t want anyone to ever feel as if I don’t love this site anymore. Because I do. I wish I could do it full-time, trust me. But for right now I will be managing two full-time jobs and it will be okay. I hope you can stick by me throughout this transition because I would love to still have you here on TFD!

Thank you for all of your support throughout the past three years and I’m so excited to get back into it with a clear head, fun ideas and a lot of inspiring content.

Love you all…so much!

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Shauni

    I’ve been in your shoes before. It will all work itself out. Your loyal followers will understand. Thank you for your transparency and the update.

  2. Maddy

    If I could give you any advice (from a semi-recent post grad) it would be to give yourself time. I jumped right into working full time the week after graduation and was miserable. In my opinion, no one prepares for the initial shock of adulthood, and it is a long process to adjust to. I graduated in 2014 from college, and am now working at my 3rd job post grad (which I will be leaving at the end of April because it is not a good fit). I took months off blogging to try to figure out how to maintain my sanity in this new life. You will find your stride, but make sure to cut yourself some slack 🙂

    xo, Maddy

  3. Carli

    You are one of the first blogs I discovered and now I follow tons, but you’re still one of my favorites! I will always support and keep up with you! I’m so excited for your new phase in life and I hope it’s amazing. Doing PR for it cosmetics is like a dream job for me!

  4. Sandy

    Listen, as a girl raised in Miami that lived in NYC for 6 years until last year, I can tell you it’s going to be a rough winter. There isn’t going to be light for a few months and it’s not going to be warm reeaaally or consistently until the end of May. Everyone wants to make Miami seem like POS and NYC seem like a dream town but it’s really the worst. Don’t let them break you down and don’t let the white girls shame you into not eating, trust me after a while the small comments and noticing everyone only eating salad all the time will get to you. I wish you all the luck in the world!

  5. Ashley Landry

    You’ve put together a great blog over the last few years, and I know you will continue to put together amazing content at the right time! Enjoy this new season in your life and take time to figure out your new routine. Patience with yourself is a good motto to have at this moment!


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