The Friday Edit No. 1

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to be starting a series “The Friday Edit” where I’ll be getting a bit more personal with you, answering questions you’ve asked me, sharing my favorite recent purchases, travels and more! Since this is a personal style blog, I figured it’s about time to add some of my personal life into it. So, we’ll meet here every Friday and I’ll share a bit of what’s going on lately!

First up, I want to share some of the beauty products I’ve been absolutely loving lately! I’m really picky for things. I only use products I absolutely LOVE. I also have extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin, so I can’t use anything that may harm my face. I promise to you that there is a beauty video coming next week where I’ll show you how I do my makeup for everyday!

  1. Watt’s Up! Highlighter: I had heard so many things about this highlighter. I had used another one for such a long time that I didn’t really want to switch over. But, I have to say that I am in love with this product! It gives me such a natural glow and really doesn’t look overdone. It’s so easy to apply (which, I need) and instantly brightens up your face.
  2. Drybar Detangler: holy moly. This is life! I hate brushing my hair and feeling as if I’m breaking my hair in the process. This brush is so easy to use, brushes your hair nicely and the fun color doesn’t hurt! I take it everywhere with me.
  3. Guerlain KissKiss: you’ve probably seen that I’ve been wearing this lipstick in all of my recent posts in the color #369. I love this lipstick! I am extremely picky with what I put on my lips because they get really dry so I want to make sure I’m always hydrating them, even when I have lipstick on. This one is super creamy and applies so nicely. I love that it comes in so many different beautiful colors… I’m definitely going to get another one before I leave to NYC on Thursday of next week!
  4. Laura Mercier Bronzer: I use this bronzer in #3. While I love the Hourglass bronzer, I use this one on a daily basis because it’s matte. Since I have oily skin, I can’t always use an illuminating bronzer, unless it’s for a shoot or night out/special occasion! This gives a great color and I love any product by Laura Mercier because they don’t make me break out (unless I don’t clean my brushes…then I break out).
  5. Sigma Express Brush Glove: this glove is the best thing invented to clean my brushes! It’s fast and easy and gets the germs out. For $25, this is something that will last forever. It has cut down the time it takes me to clean my brushes by SO much.

Life, lately…

lauren-latelyI am so excited to be working with The Closet Factory in Miami to create great closet space and organization in my blog office! I saw the design last week and am so pumped for the installation in mid-March! I am running out of space, here, guys… it’s sad. Having this great closet space in my office will be perfect for storing my purses, hanging clothes, shoes, accessories and more. I CAN’T WAIT for you to see. lauren-lately2As you probably know, I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago. I’m going back on Thursday with my same two friends and we can’t wait. I eventually want to move to NYC (hopefully next year) so being able to go a lot lately has been really fun and is making me that much more anxious for the possibilities (in a good way). Last time we went there was still snow on the ground from the storm. It reminded me of when I lived in Connecticut and played in the snow. To say I was extremely nostalgic would be an understatement. On this trip, I’m visiting the BaubleBar showroom, maybe Alex and Ani’s showroom and just having fun with my friends! I’m bringing my new camera that I got for my birthday, a Canon 6D, and will be taking photos… so I promise to have a travel diary up once I’m back.

lauren-lately3Today is the last day to enter my giveaway with my friend Alexandrea Garza (she has an amazing YouTube channel!). We’ve teamed up to give away a $200 gift card to Nordstrom. We are so thankful for our supporters and followers and we wanted to give back. You can enter here.

That’s all for today! I will be getting more personal as I continue this series every Friday, but I wanted to start today with just an overview of what it will be. I already have some fun questions to answer for next week’s post, but please send me any questions you may have and I’ll add them in! My goal is to really make this post for you guys so that I can answer anything blog-related, life-related, anything at all!

Have an amazing Friday and thanks so much for reading! Leave your questions in the comment box below and let me know what you’d like to see. 🙂

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Cristina

    Love this new feature! I think it’s really cool that you want to move to NYC at some point! It’s an amazing city, but I’ve only ever visited 🙂 I can’t wait to see pictures from your trip!


  2. Jordyn

    I need that drybar detangler, I feel like I have to rip through my hair when I brush it and I just know it must be so damaging. This is such a fun series Lauren, can’t wait to read each week!

  3. Allison Jones

    I need to jump on the highlighter bandwagon. Whenever I get my makeup done professionally, the use it one me but I never use it on myself. I also can’t wait to see your new closet/office.


  4. Elana

    I love this series. I really like learning more about my favorite bloggers. I’m so excited to see your closet!


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