How I Store My Jewelry

Finally… a post on how I store my jewelry! Brace yourself for a long post, because I want to be able to fully describe how I store everything and keep it handy. You all know I’m jewelry-obsessed so coming up with easy solutions is a must for me. I hope these tips and tricks help you out! Make sure to scroll to the end of the post to see my favorite necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and more. ūüôāring-holderI have a few places where I store my rings because I have so many. But I store my favorite/most-used ones here. It’s an easy and pretty way to display them and you can just grab and go! This is only $16 and I highly recommend it!sunglasses-holderI have a lot of sunglasses. I’m a bit of a hoarder. To store them, I put them in this glass display box and put away the sunglass cases. I¬†don’t really need the boxes, except for when I’m¬†using the glasses, so I store them away and display my sunglasses in this beautiful glass box. I’ve also used this box to store my bracelets! I switch it up every now and then. I love that they come in different sizes. So, if you want a smaller box for smaller items, you can do that! And they look so pretty on display.¬†jewelry-boxjewelry-storagestore-jewelryI picked up this box at Target and love it! It’s come in handy. I put my daintier bracelets in here and store it in my office/desk space. It’s pretty, easy to access and only $13! I might go back and get store the majority of my rings here and here. Best. Invention. Ever. It’s the easiest, quickest, best way to display your rings and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. My mom brought me this python tray (not real python skin) a while back from Home Goods and I love it! I put it on top of my dresser and have my monogram jewelry box on there, my ring holders and a tray for earrings. I got the tray at West Elm over the holidays. For my dainty necklaces, I keep them in little organza bags in a corner of the tray. I don’t really trust anything else to store them, so I store them separately and the organza bags are thin so I don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.¬†gold-bracelet-boxI also got this box at Target a while back and use it a lot. I’m not sure if they have it anymore but this one is extremely similar and comes in different sizes! I keep this one next to the python tray on my dresser and put all of my Taudrey pieces in it.¬†jewelry-drawerjewelry-compartmentscolorful-necklacescloset-jewelry-drawerWhen I got my closet done, I had this double-decker jewelry organizer designed. On the outside, it looks like a regular drawer, but if you open it up, it’s two rows with great storage and compartments for my jewelry! This has been my life-saver and is where I store all of my statement necklaces, earrings, more bracelets, and everything in between. If you want, you can go to The Container Store and buy compartments to simply slide into your drawers (can be dresser drawers or any other drawer) and that works just the same! necklace-holderglambox-necklace-holderglambox-t-standtassel-necklacesI honestly think this is everyone’s favorite. I used to have no idea how to store my long necklaces and it was getting to a point where they were getting so tangled that I only wore the one necklace that hadn’t been super tangled and messed up. It’s tall enough to make sure your necklaces don’t hit anything under it and it’s thin as well as very spacious! I have all of my long necklaces on it without a problem! I keep this on a corner of my desk because it doesn’t take up that much room and, honestly, I’m running out of room! But it’s definitely worth investing in. You won’t regret it!

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Since I did talk¬†so much about jewelry… and a lot of you asked where my tassel necklaces are from… here are my favorites in each category:

Favorite necklaces:

Favorite earrings:

Favorite bracelets:

Favorite rings:

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Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helps and sorry for all of the photos! xo

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Alicia

    Ummm, I just died at the amount of Kendra Scott earrings you have, haha. This is so helpful! I bought a stand alone jewelry box but even that’s getting too crowded, so I need to try some of these out. I love, love love the way you store your sunglasses!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  2. Tiffani

    Your storage areas may be the most beautiful “storage” I’ve ever seen! The glass case for sunglasses is so smart. I bought a sunglasses storage shelf that has 20 compartments and my boyfriend and I have already filled it up, major kudos to you if you are able to keep it all so organized I’ll the time, it’s picture perfect!

  3. Jenny

    Your jewelry collection is making me so envious.
    I am a jewelry addict too. I have a jewelry mirror filled with jewelry, a little jewelry box, and an acrylic bracelet stand.
    I definitely need to step up my storage game though.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  4. Iris

    Those are all great ideas, especially for the long necklaces. They can double as a centerpiece and look pretty on display too!

  5. A Peachy Sonder

    Not only is your jewelry collection awe-inspiring, your storage solutions are brilliant! I love that everything has it’s place. I’ve been hesitant to get multiples of the same things (ring tray, bauble bowl, etc.) but you’ve inspired me to expand my storage and get things under control in my closet. Thanks so so much for sharing!

  6. Kayla

    Seriously loved this post! It’s so great how you have a place for literally everything. I might need to get that giraffe dish because it is adorable.

    Kayla |

  7. Annie

    Major jewelry envy right here! I am beyond obsessed with your gold and clear storage pieces. Your organizational skills are just as impressive. My jewelry area just looks like one hot mess! I’ve never seen those beaded and tassel long necklaces before but they are popping up everywhere! Thanks for sharing where you got yours – so cute!

    Annie // Annie N Belle

  8. Brooke

    You have it stored beautiful and in a way that you can easily find everything! I thought I was jewelry obsessed but you may just have me beat here…your collection is amazing and I am especially loving your long tassel necklaces, gorgeous. That t-stand from Glam Boxes is amazing…I really think I need one of those!

    Brooke | KBStyled

  9. Allison

    OMG! I’m obsessed! I’ve been stumped as to how to store my jewelry in a way where it wont all get tangled and/or lost! The way you store everything is so beautiful it’s like art and you’ve definitely inspired me!

  10. Yuri

    I just found your blog! You should be very proud of your blog and the fact that you are so young and in college! Great content. Thanks for sharing, I will try some of the storage ideas.

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