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Hi, everyone! As a lot of you know, I recently lightened my hair in NYC. For the first time, I wasn’t nervous to get my hair colored by someone completely new because I had thoroughly stalked Stephanie’s Instagram for a good few months before going into the city. When I booked a flight to head up there to visit a friend, I knew it was my chance! I am SO happy to have colored my hair at Nunzio Saviano. I’m going to be going back every few months when it’s time for a little touch up. I colored my hair with Stephanie and cut it with Maria. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better team! Not to mention, it’s in the quaintest townhouse in the Upper East Side and you’ll feel at home the second you walk in.

Today, I’ve teamed up with Stephanie, Maria and Ryan, who is a celebrity hairstylist with clients including Icona Pop, Tovlo and Rachel Platten, to talk about healthy hair and some great tips, tools and tricks to keep your locks intact! There’s also a pretty amazing lineup of products that you’ll want to purchase to get that gorgeous hair. Below I’ll have some images of my new hairstyle, which I’m sure you’ve noticed in my recent posts! Your comments have been so sweet and I really appreciate them. 🙂

hair-shotQ: What are your recommended shampoo(s)?

A (Stephanie): If you want volume, try Kerastase Volumizing Shampoo or Macadamia Weightless Moisture Shampoo. Both of these shampoos are color safe

Q: Any recommendations while washing my hair?

A (Stephanie): Don’t use very hot water! This will save your skin, hair and hair color. Also, try to do a cool rinse at the end of your shower to close the cuticle of your hair and to also make your hair smoother and shinier. Also, don’t shampoo everyday!

Q: How can I avoid getting greasy hair if I don’t shampoo everyday?

A (Stephanie): There’s a great oil-fighting shampoo, which you can find here. It’s great for oily hair. What’s also great is dry shampoo! Some of our favorites are: Dove, Suave and Klorane. Klorane is great for brunettes because it doesn’t leave the white residue that more other dry shampoos leave.

Q: What if I have dry hair?

A (Stephanie): For girls that have drier hair, use a moisturizing shampoo like this one by TIGI or this one by Alterna. We highly recommend this one but it’s a little pricy!

Q: How can I maintain my hair color?

A (Stephanie): Avoiding sun will help hair from oxidizing your color, so don’t be afraid to wear a hat if you’re out in the sun! If you’re going swimming, make sure to wet your hair done with bottled or tap water and then put either conditioner or coconut oil before going into the pool or ocean. This will protect your hair from drying out or changing color due to the chemicals!


Q: I’m a conditioner freak… do you recommend conditioning your hair, and if so, which product(s)?

A (Stephanie): I love conditioning my hair! I absolutely LOVE this conditioner by Oribe. I also really like this one by Quidad for curly-haired girls. For girls with finer hair, I recommend this one

Q: How often can I use a protein mask?

A (Stephanie): Every once in a while, about once a month, I like to use a deep penetrating protein mask. This one by Joico is great! Don’t use a protein treatment too often because your hair could break.

Q: What about deep conditioning?

A (Maria): It’s always good to do a deep conditioning once a week. To keep hair healthy, it’s very important to make sure you condition your hair well. I like to use a mask on my hair once a week and leave it on for a while. I would recommend this one.

Q: Should I use a heat protectant?

A (Maria): It’s very important to use a heat protectant before using hot tools and/or blowdrying your hair! My favorite product for that is by Kerastase. It’s the Keratin Thermique. It’s also an anti-frizz product. They also have a great mask and spray before blow drying.

Q: Are there any sea salt sprays you recommend?

A (Stephanie & Ryan): Yes! This one by R+Co is amazing. I (Ryan) also love this one by Bumble and Bumble. Lastly, this one is really good too.


Q: What do you recommend for heat tools?

A (Ryan): The best irons to use are ceramic with an adjustable heat setting. My favorite are the Hot Tools ceramic irons and H2pro irons. Blow dryers are very specific because different blowdryers are meant for different things based on the wattage and speed. It’s also great to have one that has a cooling button. My favorites are this one by Sedu Revolution for thick hair and this one by Harry Josh Pro Tools for normal to fine hair. The two most important things to keep in mind when using an iron or a blow dryer is to always use a heat protecting product and make sure your blow dryer has a nozzle!

Well, ladies, there you have it! These are some serious experts in the industry. I was so fortunate to have met all three of them and work with two of them. I’ve never been so in love with my hair. If you’re up north or plan on visiting, make sure to make an appointment at Nunzio Saviano and visit! I can promise you that you will never want to go anywhere else. The fact that I will now be flying up to NYC to do my hair… I mean, come on! All of the products mentioned above are great products and worth investing in. It’s so important to have healthy and beautiful hair. Also, Arielle from Something Navy goes to Nunzio Saviano and does her hair with Stephanie. I mean… #hairgoals.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and happy Friday!

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Lauren Ashley
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  1. Ashley @ Purple & Pearls

    You look amazing! I love your hair, these tips are great! I’m looking to grow out my hair and learn how to curl it (I really can do like nothing with my hair on my own). These are such great tips, and a really great interview! Your content is always so interesting, and I love that your personality shines through your blog post (unlike a lot of other fashion bloggers!)
    Lots of love,

  2. May

    Awesome tips – my hair is the bane of my existence I swear! Definitely going to check out some of these products, especially the protein treatment suggestions and ceramic irons. Your hair looks great, girl!

  3. Alessandra H.

    The color looks great on you! I refrained from ever coloring my hair until late July this year (it’s ombre now)! Thanks for interviewing these experts – it really helped me understand a few hair-care practices that always puzzled me. I’m going swimming this weekend for the first time since I colored my hair, so Stephanie’s advice will really help me out!

    Alessandra | The PumpUp Blog

  4. Nicole

    First of all, your hair came out fabulous & I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one that stalks a hair stylist’s Insta before seeing them. Loved reading Stephanie’s interview because she mentioned some tips I’ve never heard before, like putting coconut oil in your hair prior to swimming — I always thought that was something you did post-swim…I’m going to have to try this! x Nicole |

    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      YES! Miracle It’s a 10! I use it religiously! I love it and you can get it at any CVS or Walgreens!! I use the leave-in conditioner spray from them as well as the conditioner while I’m showering. 🙂


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