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dove-campaigndove-dry-spraydove-dry-spray-campaignspring-break-outfiturban-outfitters-tankcasual-spring-break-outfitSpring break is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what we need to pack. My essentials and must-pack items are always a good pair of shoes, breezy outfits, makeup, hygiene products and especially deodorant!

I’ve lived in Miami all of my life, so sometimes I always get that “you live where we vacation” comment. Actually, scratch that. I get that a lot. Living in a hot and humid environment, it’s essential to always have the right deodorant. I was recently introduced to a new great deodorant by Simply Stylist and was shocked at how quickly I fell in love with the product. The Dove Dry Spray deodorant is great for the hot weather because it dries right when you apply it (you don’t have to fan your armpits before putting on a shirt anymore!) and it can last up to 48 hours.

As a Miami native, I know how important it is to always pack your deodorant when traveling here! It can get really hot, especially during the spring and summer months. A great deodorant that smells good and tries fast is a must-have. Whether you’re staying at a South Beach resort, walking around Miracle Mile or visiting Wynwood, Dove Dry Spray is ideal for any itinerary. It’s the perfect deodorant with no visible residue and it moisturizes to make your underarms smooth and ready-to-party (or, in my case, walk around and shop)! It’s the perfect recipe for being able to wear a sleeveless shirt without having to worry.

I know a lot of people head to South Beach and only think of Sobe when visiting Miami, but there are so many fun places to visit! One of my favorite spots is Miracle Mile, which is where I took these photos! It’s a long strip of stores, great restaurants, coffee and macaron shops and more. It’s still busy but not as crazy as South Beach, which is important for me. For vacationers especially, I think it’s fun to drink coffee, take a break from the crazy Miami lifestyle and enjoy a quaint shopping experience. I love Pasion del Cielo, which is a little coffee shop right off the mile! Also, Cibo is great for food and the ambiance is probably my favorite. You can find a variety of restaurants and places to go on the Mile and the people are so friendly!

Where will you be vacationing this spring break? Wherever you go, make sure to pick up Dove Dry Spray! There are different scents to try out, but my favorite is “Cool Essentials.”

Happy traveling!

This post was sponsored by Simply Stylist and Dove. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Tiffani

    I’ve been wanting to try this out for the longest time. I am so intrigued by the thought of a dry shampoo. Dallas is almost a humid as Miami, so I totally feel your pain!

  2. Ashley

    Everybody has been raving about this deodorant! Definitely need to check it out! Also obsessing over this tank! I’ve been looking for some good basic tanks and this might just be the one!

    xo Ashley

  3. Marly

    I grew up in Miami and know how important it is to always wear deodorant when exploring outdoors. I love how that necklace makes your outfit look. So cute! Next time I go down to visit family I need to head to miracle mile. I forget how nice this place is. Thanks for sharing your coffee and restaurant picks.

  4. Savannah

    First, LOVE your bag. For Spring Break I’m spending time with my family then heading to Asheville to catch up with my friends! I went to school there for a semester and haven’t been back since December 2014 so I’m super excited :]


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