The Coin Pendant Necklace You Will Wear ALL of the Time

Happy Friday! Woohoo – it’s time for the weekend, friends! I’m headed to Orange Theory today then going to IKEA with my dad to get my desk for my blog office (yay!), a clothing rack and some shelves. He doesn’t have as much patience as my mom so I have to be quick with him when it comes to my shopping at IKEA. I haven’t gone in a while so I’m going to have to behave myself. But I’m also really excited because we have an ice cream date after, which is always so much fun!

Today I wanted to talk about this coin pendant necklace that you see my wearing at least a few times a week. I’ve gotten so many questions about it and every time I wear it, someone asks me where it’s from. This coin pendant is honestly the best investment piece of jewelry ever. I actually lost my original one somewhere and asked for it again for Christmas because I love it that much. With a steep price tag of $165, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about why it’s that one piece that I always grab in my jewelry stash. First of all, it’s timeless. The gold color is gorgeous and makes any outfit in your wardrobe look that much better. It elevates a simple white top (like this one) and just adds something special to any look. Second, I love the vintage look of it. It looks like it’s a necklace you picked up at an antique store in Connecticut dating back to the 1900s. But, in reality, it’s a gorgeous new necklace that is sure to make everyone stop and stare (that’s so corny, but it’s true). You can also wrap it twice and wear it shorter, which I haven’t tried yet but will do so in the next few days! Overall, if I had to buy this coin pendant necklace for a third time, I 100% would without a doubt. And, if I had to go on vacation and only take one or two pieces of jewelry, I would take this coin pendant necklace and my taudrey TFD Set.

Speaking of my TFD Set, taudrey is currently running a buy more save more sale through today! You can get up to 25% off your purchase including my set. I absolutely love this set of three bracelets – one rose gold, gold and silver. I mix and match them all of the time and think they look great with just about anything. You can personalize anything you want on them and keep them for yourself or give them as a meaningful gift to someone special in your life!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for stopping by, as always! xx 

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Laura

    I love the simplicity of this outfit and all your accessories!! That necklace is so pretty and I can see why you’d want to wear it all the time!

    xo, Laura

  2. Shevonne

    I’ve had my eye on this necklace for so long. Time to break the bank, lol. Love your outfit 🔥


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