Casual Spring Style and Tory Burch Sale

white-short-dress-rebecca-minkoff-bag-the-fashionistas-diarywhite-casual-dress-the-fashionistas-diarytory-burch-chambray-hat-the-fashionistas-diarylush-clothing-white-dress-necessary-clothing-the-fashionistas-diarycasual-spring-style-the-fashionistas-diarytory-burch-casual-style-the-fashionistas-diarylush-clothing-white-dress-the-fashionistas-diarylight-wash-denim-jacket-the-fashionistas-diaryred-tory-burch-chandler-sandals-the-fashionistas-diaryrebecca-minkoff-mini-mac-bag-the-fashionistas-diaryTGIF! Also known as ICNS (that’s a new one for me… it means ‘I can now sleep’) haha! I’m excited to get caught up on some much-needed sleep and work on some blog projects over the weekend. Not to mention, I also have to study. I have a feeling that the last day of finals for me will be the

I’ve actually worn this dress in another blog post! Yes, I repeat outfits. I love this dress a lot. It’s so versatile and is a great white dress to have hanging in your closet for different events. I wore it this past weekend to go to a food event with my sister, where I literally ate three cinnamon rolls. They were the best ones I’ve ever had! Anyways, this dress was great because it’s light, has a great length and is appropriate for basically anything and everything. I paired it with a denim jacket, just in case it was cold inside {which it was not} and this chambray hat. Last weekend I went with my mom to the mall to pick up an order I had placed and I ended up trying this hat on and refused to take it off. Haha! Everyone thought it went with my outfit, so I figured I’d take it home with me. It’s so comfortable and I love the chambray trim. It’s also really light and great for bigger heads… yes, me.

Also, my Tory Burch sandals are on sale. Unfortunately, the red ones are only here and not available on the Tory Burch website. But, my two other pairs {here and here} are 20% off! Best sandals ever.

Shop some of my favorite sale items below!

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Sofia

    Loving that hat on you. Thanks for sharing all these great picks, deals and savings with us. Happy shopping everyone! 🙂

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
    Instagram: @stylishlyinlove
    Twitter: @stylishlyinlove

  2. Ashley Mason

    Love how you incorporated your Tory Burch accessories into this post! Also obsessed with that pineapple tote. I’m trying to stay away from buying anything at the sale but I may just have to!


    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      Oh my gosh I know I really want that pineapple tote… it’s so tempting. I’m like still struggling trying not to buy anything but I might just have to!xo

  3. Meghan

    Your white dress is so cute! I’m on a big white kick right now- just bought white jeans, a white beach sweater and a white silk came, tis the season! I wish I could get into a denim jacket though! I have broad shoulders and sometimes the denim is just too restricting so my endless search continues. Happy Friday!

    Southern Belle Secrets

    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      Oh my gosh! Try looking at Gap for denim jackets.. they have pretty wide ones for broader shoulders! And you need this dress if you’re on the white kick! Haha! 🙂

    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      Haha! You are too funny! You should… they’re on sale! They are so worth it. 🙂


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