5 Closet Essentials

collageI thought I would do a different kind of post today! I’m always talking about closet essentials and how I love my basics. Well, I decided to do a round-up post of 5 basic closet essentials that I feel every girl needs. This is something different but hopefully it will inspire you to invest/purchase some great pieces that will go a long way! You all know I love my casual tees, leather jackets, jeans, jewelry and flats… so, I decided to roundup my absolute FAVORITE pieces in each category below! Let me know how you like these kinds of posts and I’ll definitely do more if you love them!

Casual tee: there’s nothing better than a casual tee. I actually just picked this one up and already ordered it in two more colors! I wear a size small and love how light it is and the cut with semi-frayed edges. I honestly think I wear casual tees the most! I also love this one and actually wear it a lot. Size up for it, though, if you want a slouchy fit. This one also looks so comfortable! 

Leather jacket: I love my leather jacket that you can get here. I wear it all of the time and absolutely love it! I got it last year and never really liked any other faux leather jackets until I got this one. Also, I also think a great faux leather jacket in another neutral color besides black is great, too. I love this one! I actually have it in blush and in a blue color. It has a great feminine fit, which you know I love.

Great-fitting jean: I have no shame that I always wear jeans! I absolutely love a great pair of fitting jeans. My favorites are here and here. I actually always wear these and they’re so comfortable. I love when jeans feel like leggings but wear like jeans (if that makes sense?).  I also absolutely LOVE these. I really rotate between these two. Since a great pair of jeans is a closet essential, I highly recommending splurging on a great pair because they will last you forever.

Flats: I love flats! I’m so picky with flats but I end up wearing them all of the time when I find a pair that’s comfortable. You know how much I love my Chloe flats. Yes, they are pricey! But if you knew how many times I wear them throughout the week, you’d know they’re worth it. I also have these and they’re a great pair for a much more affordable price. Flats are great closet essentials because you can wear them with anything and they’re classics!

Statement jewelry: I am all about the statement jewelry. I think dressing up an outfit is essential, most of the time, and you can do that with a great piece of statement jewelry. I think a pair of earrings like these or a statement necklace like this one are both amazing options. I actually just got these earrings as well as these and can’t wait to wear them! I’ve linked some of my favorites for you below. Also, I just got this bracelet and am so obsessed! It is pricey but SO worth it. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t taken it off since… oops!

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Jalisa

    Such a great round up of the basic essentials! I love my leather jacket as well, definitely one of my most worn and versatile pieces. I love how it can add a touch of edge to the most feminine pairing. I have a couple of black, but I want a taupe one to add to the collection and I’m loving the first one you’ve shared! Great post, girlie! I hope you have a wonderful start to your week and thanks so much for sharing 🙂



  2. Ashley

    YES! These are all fabulous essentials! Is this the tee you were telling me about?! Please say yes! I think I need to order!

    xo Ashley

  3. Sara

    My closet essentials are jeans, sweaters, flats, and anything comfy – so there’s a little overlap! I like that you share not only a category, but specific recommendations. Thanks for the info! As a closet minimalist (some of the time…) this is sure to come in handy.

  4. Oksana

    Am I the only one that finds it so difficult to shop for the perfect T-shirt? Most of them are either too see-through, too loose, too tight, too long, too boxy… Maybe I’m just too particular… 🙂

  5. Allison Jones

    These are awesome. I love the simplicity of a casual t-shirt and a nice fitting pair of jeans. We definitely all need these basics in our closets.



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