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kate-spade-agendaIf you know anything about me by now, I hope it’s that I am obsessed with all things having to do with my desk, jewelry and stationery. I’m one of those ‘old-fashioned’ people who still likes to write handwritten cards, writes in a planner with an actual pen (rather than on my iPhone), and who appreciates some good supplies for doing so! When I came across The TomKat Studio, I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight. From stationery, to planners, to accessories and party favors, this shop has it all. I’m going to be highlighting a few of my favorite pieces from the shop, but make sure to shop everything here and pick out your very own favorites! Not to mention, the price point of everything is great. If you’re a college gal like myself, stick around because some of these items will prove to be useful! If you’re not, still stick around. Because you basically need everything in this post.

stationerystationery-tom-kat-studiofun-greeting-cardsgreeting-cardshello-greeting-cardThe cutest stationery ever. These greeting cards and this social stationery kit have stolen my heart. I can tell you now that these will be cards I will constantly be reordering when they run out. I save my handwritten cards for special occasions. Sometimes I even just write them to someone who has been a positive reinforcement in my life. But, there’s something so special about putting a pen to paper and writing out how thankful you are for someone. Those small acts of kindness really go a long way. I love how much stationery TomKat Studio has! I mean, pages… shop here and get back into the hand-writing-notes-game again.

kate-spade-desk-setI mean, really? This Kate Spade Box is basically the coolest thing ever! I didn’t want to touch it before taking these photos, but I’ve since then used a pencil, the eraser, wash tape, paper clips and push pins. This is something you could have with you in college on your desk inside your dorm/apartment, or if you’re at an office you could set it on your desk and basically have everything you need in one little box! For $36, it’s a sweet deal. kate-spade-water-bottleI’m seriously always thirsty. I’m also always dehydrated. This water bottle keeps my water REALLY cold while being cute! It also comes in glitter.  I really love a water bottle with a handle because it makes it so much easier to carry it. kate-spade-stationeryEver since I can remember, I’ve loved post-its. I would stick them on my books, binders, papers, you name it. These are probably my favorite. Each sticky note has gold detailing and some even have a symbol on them! I also got these and love how they add some sass with words on a lot of the notes. Oh, and that paper clip in the picture above is just a gold image of paper clip! Obsessed. tom-kat-studioKS-agendaAgendas… ah. My weakness. Every year, I get a new Kate Spade agenda. It was so hard to decide which one I wanted because there are so many options here. But I switched it up and went for this one with a beautiful and positive quote on it! Which one would you choose?

By the way, remember when I unveiled my new desk? You can see the post here if you want to see all of the details on what’s on my desk!trinket-dishLastly, I’m a jewelry lover. You know that, I know that, we all know that. This ‘Paris is always a good idea’ tray holds my everyday bracelets/rings and I love it! It now sits so pretty on my new piece of furniture that holds all of my jewelry. See my jewelry organization post herejewelryI hope you’ll be able to check out The TomKat Studio! If you’re looking for some amazing confetti-filled balloons, they have that too. I know I’ll be getting one for the next occasion! Happy Tuesday! You can shop my outfit details below.

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Brittany Buie

    How cute! I’m getting my blogging space together in my new place and all of these little babies are perfect! I am very much like you when it comes to planners and writing things down, versus using my phone! I am trying to decide what Kate Spade agenda I want this year as well! Perfect as always!


    Brittany || Pretty & Sassy

  2. Jordyn

    Oh my gosh such a cute little shop. I have the notebook version of that Kate Spade planner you have and I adore it. Stationary and desk accessories are one of my biggest weaknesses.

  3. Tiffany Khyla

    Your desk is so adorable! Seriously, it’s Pinterest-worthy. I love the little telephone. I’m a big fan of stationary too! And cards in general. I love browsing the greeting card section at Target. I’m so obsessed with your Kate Spade agenda! I love the quote.

  4. Ashley

    Ugh. I have such a major obsession with office supplies that this already has me opening a new tab to check out their site….you know I’m going to have to buy something….or two somethings…or three….

  5. Danielle

    I just love cute stationary. I’m old fashioned too and prefer using a planner or paper and pen to write down my to-do list and schedule for the day. The TomKat Studio Shop has a lot of nice desk accessories so I will definitely be checking their website out. Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo, Danielle

  6. Tiffani

    Every time you share your desk or jewelry storage, I am in SERIOUS awe of how organized you keep everything! My desk is a mess, and I can’t even begin to explain my jewelry area. Yours always looks so great!

  7. Savannah

    I’m so glad someone loves stationary as much as I do!! I’m always scanning the racks in the dollar section in Target or craft stores to find cute and cheap card packs. Sometimes I even get some with my initials on them if I look hard enough!

    Great post! 🙂

    Savannah from


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