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long-sleeve-mini-dressshow-me-your-mumusnakeskin-printed-dressmini-dresscasual-fall-dressprinted-mini-dressgivenchy-antigona-linentaudrey-y-chain-necklaceHappy Wednesday! Isn’t it crazy how the weeks fly by so fast? I was talking to my mom yesterday about how I can’t wait to graduate and she was telling me that I shouldn’t want to be done because then that means I have ‘one semester left of my life.’ Haha. Sounds so morbid but it is so crazy to think how fast life flies by! It’s important to just enjoy the good moments and stop waiting for the future.

Today I’m wearing this adorable mini dress from Show Me Your Mumu. I am so in love with this dress! I love the cut and the long sleeves and also the print is so cute and perfect for fall. How good would it look with leggings and boots in the colder weather? It’s also a great dress for work and meetings. It’s one of those pieces of clothing that can be worn during the day and taken out at night. Those are quality pieces in my opinion! I really love that it’s a mini dress, too. I feel like there’s more you can do with a mini dress as opposed to a lot of other styles.

Today I’m wearing the brand new necklace from Taudrey, which will be launching in October. It’s a gorgeous y-chain necklace with stone-colored beads. It has a mini coin detail with a heart and an arrow at the end. I’ve been wearing it a lot lately! I’ll make sure to let you know when it launches. If you want it before it launches, email me at It also comes in some other beautiful colors!

I thought some dainty jewels paired perfectly with this ensemble because the dress doesn’t really need much, since it’s already printed and has such a nice cut. I kept my handbag and shoes neutral and voila! The easiest and prettiest outfit, ever.

Make sure to check out Show Me Your Mumu for some other really great items. The quality is SO good, too!

Have a great day and enjoy the last day of September! xo

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Samantha

    Love this outfit on you as always, and I especially love the flats. Also I totally agree that the most valuable pieces are the most versatile ones.

  2. Jordyn

    That dress is so cute. I agree with your mom (though I’m not always perfect), we should try and enjoy the stages we are in rather than rushing through them. It’s hard though!


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