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One of my absolute favorite stores since I can remember is Necessary Clothing. For a while, it was my hidden gem. I would shop there basically every week and patiently (or not…) stalk the mailman until he brought me my things! Before they were online, they were just boutiques based out of NYC. They’re now my go-to online shop for anything and everything I could possibly want at an affordable price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found the exact same item on Necessary for so much less. You’re welcome… 🙂

Lauren Ashley
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  1. Shelby Free

    So true!!! I found 2 dresses and a skirt on NC for $75 total and the items in boutiques in the town I live in were all at LEAST $45. Crazy good steal. Almost didn’t want to tell anyone but then I couldn’t not. 🙂


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