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ugg-holiday-style-8ugg-holiday-style-6ugg-holiday-style-3ugg-holiday-styleugg-holiday-style-4ugg-holiday-style-5ugg-holiday-style-7Hold the mic… TFD has a new post! I have FINALLY graduated (holy moly) and can blog again! I felt so bad for being MIA but I really needed to focus on getting that degree more than anything. But I am free! I don’t think I’ve ever had a more liberating feeling in my life. Sometimes it felt like I was never going to graduate and this semester was the hardest because I was taking 6 classes, juggling finding a job, getting an apartment and blogging! But I got it done and I couldn’t be more excited to start a new chapter in my life. I’ll do a blog post about it next week so stay tuned!

Today I’m sharing this look with UGG. I’ve always loved UGG ever since I was little because of how comfortable they are and the fact that they match with everything. This holiday, I’m staying cozy in UGG boots, especially as I make my move to NYC next week. I know how cold it is over there and these will be one of the only pairs of shoes that keep me warm! I especially love these because of the buckle details and they’re currently on sale.

I paired my UGG boots with a cozy knit (that’s on sale!) and my favorite vest, which is also on sale. I have it in gray, too, and actually like the gray more! I like to wear my UGG boots with anything cozy and warm because it feels like I’m in pajamas that are acceptable to go out in.

Since I am moving to a place that’s a lot colder than Miami, I’m planning on getting some boots that will help me survive the freezing winter that I haven’t experienced since I was in elementary school living in Connecticut. I really love these and am dying for these for around the apartment.

Lauren Ashley
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