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Happy Wednesday! I thought I would start off my gift guide series (a new gift guide every Wednesday) with a gift guide for mom! Just so you know, all of these were approved by my mom (hence, why it took so long for me to get it up today) but there’s a great range of items under $100, a bit over and everything in between!

This PJ shirt is the softest thing ever and it’s perfect for Christmas morning if you have family over. It’s also a great length and feels like you’re wearing butter (seriously). Pair it with these slippers for the coziest at-home wear.

My mom also loves KS earrings so when I saw this style, I knew it would be perfect for her. These kind of earrings are all she really wears anymore so I know that, for the price, they’re totally worth it. I also threw in some other finds that would be great for every mom including this bracelet set that I created in collaboration with taudrey. Moms can put their kid’s birthdays on it, anniversary, names of their kids and so much more. It’s all personalized so you can really create something special to give to your mom during the holidays.

Lauren Ashley
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