Express Sale!

Hi, all! Wanted to get a quick post up because Express is currently having 40% off their entire website and I thought we should all take advantage (including me!). Below, find some of my picks as well as a sweater that I have that is currently marked down 40% off. Excuse me while I go buy the blush color (inserts heart eyes)….

See below for items I already have that are on sale and then my picks are at the end! Have an amazing Thursday. 🙂 xx! My favorite sweater is currently 40% off. Picking up the blush one!

These joggers are the best thing ever (currently wearing them right now). Get them here!

So many plaid tops on sale! Here are some of my picks:

My favorite grey jeans from last year! YAY!! Get them here!

These pants are so great for work or play.

Express has the best jeans so make sure to check out that selection because I swear by their jeans. They’re super comfortable, made of great quality and so flattering!

THIS is a perfect dress for work!

I love THIS over a simple tee and jeans

My picks: 

Lauren Ashley
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