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spring-stylebeige-valentino-rockstudolive-dress-shopbopolive-green-dressprada-cammeo-bagtaudrey-collarolive-and-blushHappy Tuesday, everyone! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite new dresses. I absolutely love the color olive (if you haven’t noticed), so this casual olive dress is definitely a must-have in my closet. I love that it’s super light, perfect for Miami weather, but that it also is so soft and can be dressed up or down. I’m going to wear it with flats on more casual days but wanted to show you how you can make it a little dressier and really get your money’s worth! I really love this casual olive dress if you can’t tell. 🙂

I paired this dress with some gold jewels from Taudrey, which have quickly become my favorite. This collar is so light and can be layered with other dainty jewels! I really don’t like things that weigh too heavy on my neck because of my migraines, so this is a perfect accessory.

Yesterday I woke up really sick and went to urgent care and have strep throat, which sucks.  I thought I was dying! My throat felt like it was closing up so I’m happy I’m not dying, haha. I already have antibiotics in my system so here’s to hoping I start feeling better soon!

Have a great day! xo

PS. My Lauren Lately series starts this Friday! I’ll be getting more personal with you and also answering any questions you may have (blog-related or not). So comment with your questions or you can always email me!

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