Bloom: Floral Midi Skirt

pink-red-floral-midi-skirt-chicwish-the-fashionistas-diarystripes-and-floral-the-fashionistas-diaryFLORAL-THE-FASHIONISTAS-DIARYleopard-clutch-the-fashionistas-diarygold-handmade-earrings-gryphonlainejewelry-the-fashionistas-diarypattern-mixing-the-fashionistas-diary-floral-skirtfloral-skirt-the-fashionistas-diaryfloral-midi-skirt-the-fashionistas-diaryHappy almost first day of spring! I decided I’d start wearing spring-inspired clothing a day early. 🙂 I actually went to Nordstrom yesterday and bought a bunch of spring clothing… I can’t wait to show you! I went to go return something and came out with bags of new items. Does that happen to anyone?! Pretty sure that place is my weakness and it’s way too close to my house!

Today I’m super excited to be collaborating with my Boston girl, Holly, of H.Nichols Illustration. A few weeks ago, we came up with a challenge where I would have to take one of her illustrations and mimic it by styling an outfit that looks similar to it. We always have so much fun working together and I think this resulted in the creation of one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn. I’ve been struggling lately to really step out of the norm and style some unexpected outfits. I see so much repetition out there and I really want to be able to give you guys fresh outfits, fresh ideas and fresh tips. All so fresh! Lol.

This floral midi skirt is the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe and is made of great material (according to my alterations lady who had to take it in because I got a M when I should have gotten a S). I really love the colors in it and the fact that it has a vintage glam vibe while still remaining modern. I’ve really been obsessed with skirts lately and would love any advice on where to get some fun spring ones! Let me know in the comments below.

Make sure to purchase your own illustration of Holly’s ‘Bloom,’ which is what this outfit was modeled off of. I love how she mixed three different prints. I did approach it a bit differently (different hair, different earrings, white pumps) but I hope you love the overall look just as much as we do. Make sure to stop over at Gryphon Laine Jewelry, where my earrings are from, and enjoy 20% off with the code ‘TFD20’.

Have a great day and thanks for reading! hnichols-illustration-bloom

Lauren Ashley
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    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      Thank you so much! I agree. It’s one of my favorite combinations! Have a great day! xo

  1. Kiki

    I can’t go into a store without finding something. It’s magic. (; Love this skirt. Looks so high end for such an affordable price!

    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      Haha! So funny! I come home and sneak my new purchases in…so bad. Nordstrom is the danger zone! I feel like I always convince myself that I need something when I really don’t… haha. SO BAD! Xo! Have a great first day of spring!

    1. Lauren Ashley Post author

      Thank you so much!! And I agree. Sometimes it’s nice to be a little different! xo


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