Crochet Baydoll Top

Hello, hello! I am currently cuddled up on my couch relishing the last few moments I have with Iggy, my chihuahua, before I have to go to bed and then leave him for the entire summer! I haven’t been without a dog for more than 10 days, so clearly I am freaking out just a bit. Does anyone have separation anxiety when it comes to their dogs, or am I just crazy? Hopefully he wants to look at me when I FaceTime him at least once a week! Haha. Anyways, onto the outfit… this crochet babydoll top has stolen my heart and hasn’t given it back.

Lightweight Dolman Top

Happy Wednesday! It’s humpDAAAAY (the commercial that never gets out of my head on every Wednesday). I’m so in love with today’s look but you know what really bothers me? When I get ready to post and something is sold out. So, here’s the bad news first: this top is sold out in the blue stripes. But, it’s available in white, which might even be cuter, HERE. If I didn’t have a depressed bank account, that baby would already be in my cart, bought and on its way to my house.

The Summer Dress You NEED!

Happy Tuesday! Packing is in full force at my house right now and I’m getting a little anxious because I want to take everything with me. Taking a bit of a break to share with you this dress that is the perfect summer dress! I recently received it in the mail and couldn’t wait to wear it! It’s so soft, flowy and has the prettiest colors.